mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Snow fell last night but disappeared sufficiently by afternoon that I was able to get up to Loblaws for my prescriptions and some holiday stocking-up. When there's a lineup outside I can only stop by the pharmacy, since they let people in who are just there for the meds: and innate honesty keeps me from buying anything else. Today the only lineups were at the cashiers, and were long enough to suggest to me that maybe there ought to have been someone monitoring the numbers entering. But if there had, I'd be without my frozen turkey roll and stovetop stuffing. As it is, I'm now set for Christmas dinner. There are dozens of places that advertise their Christmas dinner catering on FB, but that's catering for groups and large families and runs to the hundreds of dollars. President's Choice may not be top of the line but it's cheaper than that and better than nothing.

No saying if the winter storm down south will dump anything up here, is why I wanted to get out today. Next week is supposed to be mild and rainy but is also preChristmas and no time to be shopping, even in an ordinary year, much less when cases go over 2000 a day in the province. Meanwhile I lead my timeless semi-shut-in's life, losing track of days, sleeping late except when woken by fraudulent robocalls about Social Security issuing warrants for my arrest, and forcing myself to exercise. Spent the weekend reading my old fanfic and cruising Youtube for clips of the Seven Samurai ie time travelling. Started The Pursuit of the Millennium, ballasting reading, but the print is so tiny that I think maybe I should read Montaigne instead. And then I go back to my genre reading and acrostics and feel futile.
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