mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Well. So I was putting together that grocery order from Loblaws and I see they have frozen turkeys on sale so great, get one and have turkey dinners for a week, fine by me. Should read the fine print. Turkey is 5.5 kg ie 12 pounds. Is roasting now because I barely had room in the fridge to defrost it, let alone room in the freezer to do it later. And I'd happily freeze half the meat but part of that grocery order was Enough Frozen Veg And Fruit To Last Till Spring and my freezer is already 2/3 full.

But at least I got out to do my bloodwork so that's done for another three months. And was pretty limber getting it, a nice relief after yesterday's all pain all the time. There must be something for lower back shenanigans but in three years I have yet to discover what.

Vinegar bath not only does not ungunk the bath faucet, it seems there's marginally more water coming out of it when the shower is on. Boo hiss.
Tags: health, rl_20

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