mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Somehow in the process of ordering furnace filters from Home Despot, I managed to encode a password for the tablet. No, it doesn't have a password: it never leaves the house. Fortunately I got it unencoded in short order, but would really like to know how I managed it in the first place.

(Remind me to stay away from Home Depot. I can have furnace filters and Energizer batteries delivered for free, but add Swiffer pads or Swiffer cleaner or Duracell batteries and there's suddenly a $20+ flat fee. Fortunately I had to pick up a prescription from Loblaws and fortunately there was no line outside, people having more-or-less finished their lockdown panic buying last week, so was able to get another kind of battery-- not Duracell because they only had 12packs of those, but the house brand-- in case the Wordtank takes a dislike to Energizer, as my Wordtanks are wont to do.)

Must admit I'm doing a certain amount of stockpiling myself, against the snowy winter when I can neither bike nor walk. There are workarounds, I know: the pharmacy will deliver if I ask, and there are shopping services. But nothing beats seeing the product for oneself. As in, no one stocks cold water laundry detergent anymore, so I had to cruise the shelves to assure myself that cold water Tide pods exist and will work. I dislike anything I have to put in first and wait to dissolve before adding clothes, because my machine of the last 30mumblety years has a tray at the top where you just add your powder after dumping the clothes in. Turn dials, walk away, no waiting around.

In the changes dep't, my accountant is retiring. Fortunately he has a replacement lined up but still. Vexatious to the soul. And my new south neighbour has had what I took to be a black wicker table in her backyard, but hearing merry voices in the 6C weather and Sadie's occasional yips, I looked out to discover bright flames in th supposed wicker table and a couple of friends seated around it, possibly grilling hamburgers. Couldn't tell: it gets dark at 5 these days. But hardy Canadians will hardy.

The sleeping past noon thing was getting past a joke, so decided to reset my inner clock. Took half an ativan, went to bed at 1, and woke happy and refreshed at ten past eleven. What with exercises, that was still breakfast at noon.
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