mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Sleeping in till nearly noon is one thing. Sleeping in till nearly one because umm I was warm under the duvet and my dreams, if unremembered, were interesting and the snow outside made it look still dark and possibly codeine makes you sleepy if you haven't had any in five years BUT MOSTLY because my bedside clock said it was barely twelve when I first checked it. No, the clock hadn't stopped, it had just slowed down. What is it with my timepieces this weekend? Luckily I had a free tripleA battery, which I hope I won't need for the Wordtank. The snow will mess up tomorrow's travel but should be gone by Thursday's high 7 following Wednesday's high 6, and the worst of the panic shoppers may hopefully be done as well, so I can stock up on non-food essentials before the snow returns.

Acupuncture is still on for the moment- health providers exempt from lockdown until further notice- which is a relief even if it means taking cabs to go a mere nine blocks. And if there were no bike lanes on Bloor the cab could drop me right in front of the studio, but there are, hence no parking lane, and Toronto drivers won't stand for cripples taking their time getting out of a cabs while everyone has to wait behind her and can't pass. So I hope I can walk again by tomorrow with just my cane.
Tags: health, rl_20

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