mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Conscious virtue

Fell into the fatal trap of cruising online delivery services this afternoon as I was getting peckish. I wanted something hot and starchy- how about these cheesy potato puffs? but the rest of the menu is Mexican, no thanks. Burger King burgers! A whopper! *And* a cheeseburger! Barely 1000 calories! And cheesecake for less than 200! Oh yes... but delivery burgers lack that certain je ne sais quoi, and fast food burgers even more so. Chicken Chalet? mhh- uninspired. KFC? Not much better. And all delivery apps hang forever, and as I watched the little circle go round and round I pressed stop, closed my tablet, and went downstairs to put a sole fillet in the oven. With steamed bok choy getting past its expiry date and some of the edamame that have been in the freezer forever. How very healthy.

(Actually my tum's been off since this morning when I took some antihistamine liquid for the leaf-mould sneezes and a gulp of codeine-laced cough syrup for the leaf-mould spasming cough and my insides gurgled mightily at the sugary combination. Beef would have been a really bad idea.)

Have been expecting for a week now to wake up some morning a kilo or so heavier, given indulgence in things like apple tart and Chinese dumplings, and it still hasn't happened. Could it be my little exercise bike? I doubt it, and the reason why is this: the new bike's chronometer comes on automatically when you start peddling and is currently set to show me my speed (btwn 10 and 12 somethings per hour but I have yet to ascertain if that's km or m; given that the instructions come in English and Dutch-of-all-things, I suspect the former) and calories burned. Half an hour got me just under 150 calories, which is hardly enough to undo the effects of pastry every other day. Also I suspect I have a Y chromosome somewhere in my makeup because I was transfixed by the little numbers changing all the time, and IME fascination with what the screen is showing is a male trait. Is why you need another woman in the maternity room who can keep her eyes off the fetal monitor readout. Yes I'm joking but only half.
Tags: food, health

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