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In the unease of this too warm, suddenly windy, suddenly rainy, suddenly cold day I somehow wound up crossing everything off my foot dragging to do list. Darned the high quality wool sock that shouldn't have developed a hole where it did (upper) after less than a year, and then mended the cheap quality cotton summer trousers that *will* pop tiny holes, and then blanket stitched the fraying cuffs of one of my old waffle-weave work shirts. Old work shirts are the only ones that don't develop mysterious odors under the arms, while all Old Navy and Mark's Warehouse ones do. Am sure they're all made in China, but the waffle shirts are better quality.

Because of that cold wind gusting to 90 km an hour, I shrinkwrapped the leakiest of my bedroom windows, the one with the AC unit in it. Other people take their window ACs in for the winter, but other people are men or have access to same. I use shrinkwrap and curtains and screens, and it works well enough. I even managed to get the backing off the double sided tape for three of the four sides. The fourth wouldn't co-operate so I used it like ordinary tape, as one must. They say it's a la niña winter, so maybe it won't get too cold, but that usually means snow as well.

So in a fit of 'winter is coming and I hurt' I ordered massive quantities of soy milk and diet Pepsi and toilet paper and this and that for home delivery. I hope to be biking for some time yet, but it's a relief not to have to carry heavy or bulky things home with me. Then I remembered this and that other stuff I wanted, and the wp said I could change my order any time up to 12 tonight, but the small print said I had to do it by phone because I'd scheduled the drop off for Tuesday, and it was now less than 48 hours before delivery time. Screw that, I said, and went and ordered from another neighbourhood super, the one with the good veg. So I should be set for a while there, if it all comes through.

And then I thought What about that new bike machine? the one I've avoided assembling for ohhh about a month now? The one that weighs a ton, yes, that one. Well, ok, I did get it assembled but it's really a two person job, one of whom has upper body strength, because screwing washers and nuts to a bolt that fits in vertically is a fidgety operation. I didn't attach the two cords you can pull to exercise the upper body because my elbows resent me pulling anything, but everything else works. It's a heavier mechanism than the other, but smoother, much more like riding a bike, and it's not only easier to change the resistance, the dial tells you what the resistance is. The chronometer will give you the time elapsed as well as your speed and the number of calories burned. I have no wish to know the first, because it's always 'cripes another twelve minutes!?', and the other two are guaranteed to be disheartening. So I'll use the detachable one from my first machine, that I can start and then put face down on the table, and ballpark the time from how many CD tracks have played.
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