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Oh Kenneth Rexroth no

Ascription of a poem: 'the poetess Ono no Komachi.' This following a biographical note about 'Ono no Komachi' and followed by another poem* ascribed to 'Komachi', period. Yes, 1955, I know: but if you can do the last two you can just easily not do the first. Especially as no other woman in the collection is called a poetess.

(*a really feeble translation of Hana no iro wa, by the way)

Unexpected unexplained delivery from Amazon yesterday, a 'memorial bracelet' with a note from no one I know commiserating the death of the recipient's father. Cannot blame the overworked, underpaid Anatev- uhh Amazon workers for misaddressing this, but obviously had to alert and send back to Nevada. I mean, it's not that many hoops to jump through since I actually have both padded envelopes and stamps to hand, but still.

More happily, on my way to mail the above, stopped by the local cafe and had a latte sitting out in the warm sun amidst the last of the golden leaves, all so very reminiscent of sitting in certain European cafes back in the globe-trottting 80s. Weather page said it was 24C today, upper 70sF, which you can't prove by me. Still needed a light jacket. Whereas back in 2015 on the Sunday of the Santa Claus Parade, Nov 15, I distinctly remember biking and sweating in a tshirt, but Environment Canada is adamant it was only 16 that day. Temperatures in this town are never absolute. Rain and cold return tomorrow. I should rake leaves today but I hurt too much, sorry.

Since peanuts in whatever form pack on the calories, as does even 90% chocolate, I need another snacky thing to indulge in in the evening. May have found it: air popped popcorn. Feels indulgent, and because I'm slightly corn intolerant, is not something I can eat too much of. Also comes in various seasonings, to combat sense of 'same old'.
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