mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Life's frets

It's wanton extravagance to turn the heat on when the temps were in the teens most of the night but dammit I was *cold*. (yes ok spellcheck, only one e in extravagance. I'll remember for next time.) It was 18 yesterday and I sat outside in a jacket and I was cold then. And yes it was a restaurant again and yes I had Irish stew with an extra serve of potatoes and that, it transpires, is far more food than I can comfortably handle in a day.

I bought another cycle machine that had good reviews suggesting it wouldn't stick if you looked at it sideways. I've barely got it out of the box because it was jammed in unmovably and bound round with a super sticky cellotape that must have some kind of war time usage because nothing civilian needs to be that adhesive. The reviews say the assemblage is easy. I don't believe them.

Last VISA bill had an unfamiliar item, some cosmetics shop. Called the centre, got a woman with an unfamiliar accent that I had difficulty understanding who said she couldn't tell me anything about the charge aside from what was on the bill, so I said I'd dispute the charge. Was transferred to guy with machine gun delivery whom I had to ask twice to please speak more slowly, who said they'd previously flagged a couple of items which of course they didn't mention to me at the time. Presumably they only do this when people try to buy $5000 chimney inserts with my three figure balance card. Or maybe they were legit purchases on my part. Whatever, I'm now cardless and the mails being as they are, even up here, who knows when I'll get a new one. And meanwhile must figure a way to pay things like Patreon that automatically debit. At least the cell phone guys have numbers one can call to explain the situation.

What I do have is a gift VISA card Bell gave me for changing plans with them, that nobody will accept online because it doesn't have that authentication number on the back, thereby rendering it useless which is what one expects of Bell. And in the course of doing exercises I somehow pulled a muscle in the groin area so that walking is even more unpleasant. I see why people take to their beds, like my grandmother who spent the last twenty years of her life travelling from spa to spa and taking exception at doctors who told her she needed to move more. But she had money and thus nurses and companions, and I do not.

Meanwhile Toronto school board has stopped buying equipment for kids who have to attend online so a call has gone out in my neighbourhood for used tablets, laptops, even cell phones that can be wiped and refurbished. And I look at my loathed laptop and think 'I'm not using it I'll never use it let them have it.' The drop off place is near my old acupuncture studio, a merry spin in the old days, but something I'm a little antsy about now. Do I trust the members of that online group enough to ask them if they'd come pick it up? Shall see.
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