mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Finished the yoghurt last night so this morning I had a scoop of ice cream on my oatmeal. It was yum. Didn't need to be followed later in the day by a brownie, but these are the End Times and a single brownie is excusable.


Roanhorse, Trail of Lightning
-- not for the faint of heart, but well: I finished it, go me

Rankin, Bleeding Hearts
-- not for the faint of heart and why did they kill the second victim anyway, who was as unconnected to the Great Big Secret as you could get? Why not off the protagonist, who was actually getting close?

Reading now?

Miner, Japanese Poetic Diaries
-- currently Narrow Road to the Deep North. Sweet Basho.

Still more Kafuka, getting woo-wooer by the page.

Next up?

I have a couple of holds that the library will deliver in its own good time. Otherwise there's that war time set Ellery Queen.


Man, I really want to throw Lowell's Imitations in the recycle. His poetry does nothing for me and his attitude sucks.

Supernatural Sherlocks
-- none of whom are Sherlock, in the event. What they are is the soi-disant Rivals of Sherlock Holmes, but all battling ghosts and such, stuff I shouldn't be reading alone at night.
Tags: food, reading_20

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