mjj (flemmings) wrote,

The time had come, the lobster said, to get seriously winter about my bedding, now they're calling for snowflurries. So last night I went to get the polyester duvet and put it into a flannel duvet cover. But the polyester duvet wasn't in the storage box under the bed- that was the blue wool blanket- so where could it be? Finally tracked it down to a zip case in the hall closet: and with it was the woollen shawl G. made for me last year, which I'd put there and not, as I thought, in the storage drawers under the futon. So now I can be warm again when I'm downstairs. But I begin to think I need to leave myself memoes at season's change so I know where things are. That, or look in my closets at regular intervals to remind me What is Where.

(Like I've misplaced my electropulse thingy that sometimes helps muscles untighten. I know where it was last spring but it's not there now because I tidied it away, fool that I am.)

Then I wrestled duvet into cover after five minutes of increasingly hysteric attempt to locate the opening, because the opening
a) is not at the hem like every other duvet cover in existence, but two inches in from the edge
b) fastens with clear plastic buttons that are effectively invisible, which
c) for some unfathomable reason I did up before putting it away last spring. I think *maybe* that was because I was actually using it as a double thickness sheet but that's still no reason to fasten buttons you're not using.

And then I put the duvet under me for sleeping on because experience in Japan taught me that having warmth underneath is more effective than having it on top. And slept like a baby last night.
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