mjj (flemmings) wrote,

There are days I think I'm getting better or stronger or whatever, and then there are days like today. But today I walked four blocks and raked two bags worth of leaves and so maybe no wonder if I hurt? It's not the knees so much I worry about, though they were singularly uncooperative, but the back and hips. They're what I want to stop hurting because they're what make walking difficult, and I don't think a knee replacement is going to help there. And they were getting better there for a bit: no cramping in the morning, no lower back pain when I walked the bike to the corner. Ah well.

Last finished?

Clarke, Piranesi
-- well enough for what it was doing but it wasn't doing what I'd hoped it would

A Hazel Holt, and Ellery Queen

Reading now?

Roanhorse, Trail of Lightning
-- not cheerful stuff but I have it now and need to read it

Murakami, Umibe no Kafuka pt2
-- happily back to the Japanese. Library loan, probably good for six or even nine weeks maybe, since nobody else seems to want to take this out.

Jack Harvery (Ian Rankin), Bleeding Hearts
-- not a Rebus novel, meaning I'm spared Rankin's love for British gangsters. Not sure if assassins are an improvement, esp when the assassin is first person pov and his nemesis is an unlikable third.

Reading next?

The other Ellery Queen, maybe, or that Sherlock Holmes psychic pastiche one.
Tags: health, holmes, reading_20

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