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An oddity I noticed many years ago when I was making meringues (so long ago that I forgot what those things are called and had to google 'egg white sugar'.) Ordinary eggs held a stiff peak just fine but free run/ organic eggs were much more sensitive, liable to deflate at a moment's notice and especially if you added even a hint of vanilla. And now hardboiling them, no matter how much I bring them to room temperature before cooking, no matter if I let them heat with the water, no matter if I whisk them away after five minutes and plunge them mmediately into cold water, they're impossible to peel without removing chunks of egg as well. Worth it to have happy hens, I suppose, but still annoying.

Last finished?

Carter, Waiting for the Wind
-- and now need to go back through and note the poems that resonated when I was reading through. Also to see if certain of Earl Miner's poets are there because I don't remember these Princess So-and-so's turning up There was a Tameko and a Chikako I noted in passing, who might be one of the princesses, given how names worked back then.

Yokomizo, The Inugami Curse
-- translated Japanese detective story. Has annoying bits like the detective immediately sussing out everyone's character from their expressions. 'Take sat with a taciturn haughty expression that revealed his disdain for all while Tomo, looking somehow cunning and insincere, shifted his eyes ceaselessly from place to place.' 'Kokichi ... had what at first looked like a mild-mannered air, but the restless eyes, identical to his son, revealed the evil in his mind.' 'Of the three half-sisters, she was the most attractive, but she looked the most venomous of the three as well.' I know Christie and others do this too, but it grates less in one's own language. And hell, the Japanese do at times seem psychic in their evaluations of foreigners at least, so maybe they can do it with each other in spite of their seemingly (to us) expressionless expressions. But otherwise quite the twisty page turner, and I have Yokomizo's other book on hold at the library, 84th of 84.

Reading now?

As above, Earl Miner, Japanese Court Poetry

Kafuka draws near a close, or rather, vol 1 of Kafuka draws near its close, and I don't have vol 2. Shall treat myself to the English translation.

Have given up on Villon and started La Dame de Kyoto by Gabriella Magrini, which is translated from the Italian and hence an easier read than a French French book.

Next up?

Piranesi, which I keep forgetting I have. Must put it out where I can see it or I shall go on forgetting I have it.
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