mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Cold rainy day. Have turned the heat on- low, 15C- but presumably more economical than running the electriity-gobbling space heater. We still have another month of flat rate electricity, but if this was normal I'd be paying low rates (all weekends) rather than middle.

Allergies suddenly go gangbusters so I relax my no extra sugar rule to allow me to drink sweet milky tea for the scratchy throat.

Dreams alas seem to have reverted to their normal selves. Alas because I woke in the deep night from one of the classic recurring topoi, 'remember how you killed your best high school friend twenty years ago and threw parts of her body from a train?' Had the usual twist of 'yes, you thought you'd dreamed about it before but that was because it really happened and you'd sublimated the memory.' 3 a.m. is not the time to try convincing oneself that said friend is actually still alive, especially when you haven't seen her since 1999. What did it finally was the conviction that since I hadn't seen her since 1999, I couldn't have killed her in the early oughties. Rolled back to sleep and dreamed of my bro and s-i-l in their 'house' that had a whole hidden apartment in the half basement, except that J had taken all my laundry baskets from the laundry room and I couldn't connect to the broadband to get online.

A minor Sunday pleasure is gone. Post Secret no longer registers in my outdated browser on my outdated OS. Reading on the tablet isn't the same.
Tags: dreams, food, health, rl_20

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