mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Last rose of summer

After lows well under 10 for a week and highs mostly in the teens, we've now got summer back for a few days with mid to upper 20s (and annoying little insects everywhere.) Shall doff the flannel sleep pants and hoodie for the duration. The space heater has an air blow function which is a godsend because south next door has something- heat? fans?- that periodically turns on and off and that I can hear through closed windows and presumed noise-blocking plexiglass. Could stand it just fine if it were always on but the stop and start jerks my attention.


Second Vinyl Detective, which was good about lampshading the first Vinyl Detective but seems to have left the first suspicious death kind of unaccounted for? Also Medieval Myths which I must keep to compare against other versions.

Reading now?

Perpetual Kafuka, perpetual Muromachi poetry, perpetual Claudine. Was enchanted to find a Goodreads somebody remarking, apropos of La Maison de Claudine which has nothing toi do with Claudine, being Colette's autobiographical vignettes, 'I was so pleased to discover that that bully Claudine isn't in this.' Yes, she is a bully, isn't she?

To console me, Making Money, because I always confuse it with Going Postal. Moist too is a bit of a dweeb. Give me Sir Samuel any day of the week.

Next up?

Oh, various ebook mysteries currently on hold. More Hazel Holt, more Louise Penny, and that Elizabeth Peters I started and forgot about.
Tags: pratchett, reading_20, rl_20

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