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I now have a routine of sorts, only six months into this pandemic. Or I have a bunch of activities that I've sort of lost my resistance to doing. Since there's nothing to do I might as well read Kafuka or practise kanji or read Claudine or do my exercises or read poetry in translation, as well as the other things I sort of think I want to do like acrostics and going through old LJ entries. This lack of disinclination feels a lot like depression and may well be it, johnny come latelying into my quarantine. The days are all the same and I remember nothing of this month even when I went out. I have a personal conviction that it all has something to do with not going to my coffeehouse anymore, just as they'd opened their patio and one could be sort of in company again.

For the last two weeks I really haven't been hungry and rather wondered why not. My body seemed perfectly happy to be deprived of starch and fat and sugar (bread and butter and jam, since you ask) which was welcome, given that I couldn't have them, but... odd. Well, too good to last. I've been hungry for three days and no amount of lean protein and veg and fruit can stop it. So I declared today an amnesty and determined to order in a beef bourguignon for lunch from my bro-tachi's favourite bistro, plus a side of the-hell-with-it frites. Door Dash is the hangiest app in existence but that's what Le Paradis uses, and I finally got my order in and it consented to read my card and then informed me 'Currently closed. Open at 5.' OK. Fran's. Fran's delivers and Fran is open 24 hours snd Fran's alone in Toronto has a hot roast beef sandwich. So I go to Fran's and page through its many many appetizers and finally get to the sandwiches and- it's not on their takeout menu. At which point I almost resigned myself to starvation. But finally went to one of my regular run-by-Koreans Japanese restaurants and ordered a bulgogi dinner. Which arrived very promptly with happy pictures and cheering messages written in ballpoint on the styrofoam containers- 'stay strong, Toronto!' 'we can do it!' plus a freebie mask. Too small for me, but it's the thought that counts. I dumped half the rice in the food recycle and ate my sweet beef and glass noodles and...

...was still hungry. Because now I want ice cream.
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