mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Coming up for air

Thanksgiving. The trees are all yellow and half the leaves have fallen from the cherry. That's one early autumn we're having here.

If I manage this properly I shall cease existing entirely for the duration of the weekend. Got my two volumes of Cent Démons after paying- no really- $1.68 GST + $5 handling charge, found I'd read all of vol 2 too recently in Japanese to want to read it in French so read the last half of vol 3 and the afterwords which the bunkou doesn't have. ('Some days I wish a bomb would fall on Ginza- oh, and my bad, childbirth isn't covered by the nat'l health cause it's not a sickness.' Sheesh. It's covered here; and they wonder why the birth rate's declining?)

Then dove back into Bleach. I shall say that a series that requires you, at vol 21, to remember something that happened back in vol 3 is a cut above most shounen series. But the result is having to read in two directions at once: forward from 21 in Japanese and backwards from 4 in English to refresh my memory. This is why I've been underwater. And down I go again.
Tags: bleach

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