mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Haze from the fires on the west coast has reached us. M_C is right: it looks like the 2017 eclipse out there. Dylan's line about the pale afternoon comes to mind. Not helped by an early morning dream of being in Florida and seeing the same haze, only worse. This probably explains the scratchy throat as well, though that could as easily be allergies. Luckily it's cold enough that all windows can be kept closed and my air purifier on all day.

Doctor calls with fasting blood test results. It's no longer 'you're diabetic get on meds at once before you lose your eyesight and your toes!!!' which is nice, but I'm still prediabetic so stay off the g&ts and the cookies and the chocolate. Cholesterol is still high, so stay off the butter and cheese and croissants. Oh, and take your statins, boo. Doing all that for a week has dropped me a kilo, back down to the record low for this century. And unlike the other times this happened I can't immediately go out and celebrate with cake and a latte, so who knows? I may yet see weights unheard of since my 30s. And see what difference it makes to my knees, because the oddity is that they feel the same, even though I'm five kilos lighter than I was in January and the clothes that were too tight then are... still too tight.

Eh- forgot to crosspost this yesterday. Do so now.
Tags: health, rl_20

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