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Bicycle machine works OK with sandals. Now I'm wondering about the use 'every other day' thing. My impression was that you alternate workouts if they're really worky workouts ie heart pumping, sweat, all that jazz. I don't think this counts as that, largely because my feeble fingers can't screw the cog in far enough to get any high resistance on the machine, as also: high resistance is bad for knee. So after twenty minutes I'm a little warm, but that's it. Of course, back when I walked for exercise my heart rate never went up either, because I always walk slowly on my flat feet and twingy knees, but walking at a slow pace for an hour still counts as moving and my weight reflected it.

Also, if it's every other day, I know my internal child will say 'oh hell, let's do it tomorrow.' But every day means every day, like kanji practice, and I have the machine set up at the table I do my writing at, so...

One thing that will definitely be every other day-if-that is reading my new Japanese book, which finally consented to trot in two months after I ordered it (air mail in the age of COVID, sigh). 現代用語の 基礎知識 / Gendai Yougo no Kiso Chishiki/ Basic Knowledge of Contemporary Terms aka what the wakamono are saying this year. All wordtank, all the time. Which makes me think there might be something to the rumour that Murakami Haruki writes his books in English and then translates them, because his Japanese is grade school level easy compared to this. Anyway: I'm not likely to remember these terms but it's a good vocabulary workout just for the definitions.
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