mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Possessions weigh the soul, again

Quarantine has led to a ridiculous amount of online pig in a poke shopping. Several pairs of good trousers that of course looked better on the Chinese model than on me. But they're still more respectable than my collection of ragbag work ones: better quality and better material even if equally made in China. One pair is simply too big for me and I doubt I'll ever wear them, but oh you know, never know when it will come in handy. And all of them are too long to bicycle in safely. Bike clips are not to be had in this town, or online for that matter, so I use a spare knee brace to keep the folds in. Not very elegant, but elegant is not me.

As for the ragbag pants... too disreputable for the goodwill, maybe I can use them as underlayers when the weather goes cold. Or use those longjohns I've also hoarded against need, because now I won't be going into overheated spaces anymore. I'll be hanging about my house, my cold house, because the flat rate time of usage comes off in November. (Though my heat is from a gas burning furnace and gas has no time of usage. It always costs.)

More dispiriting were the mask ties. I got both kinds, the notched plastic and the elastic with buttons, and neither keeps a mask in place. No, it slingshots off into thd blue whene ver you try to get the other loop on. So annoying. I have only one velcro bicycle clip band, and it's getting stretched out, but it's the one thing that keeps looped masks in place.

Then there's the tablet stand that I thought I'd use everywhere, as my s-i-l used hers (the last book stand to be found in the city) but I don't. I never need to have my tablet upright, though having it flat and leaning over it has to be bad for the neck.

Oh, and the cheapo bike machine is unusable with shoes, and is nearly unusable anyway. Sticks a lot, doesn't pedal like a bicycle, and I can only pedal it forward because the recommended 'pedal forward 10 secs, pedal backward 10 sec' routine sees my feet sliding off. Better than nothing, and I shall hope it counts as my 30 minutes of moving a day, even if I don't think it's raising my heart rate any. I have no upper body strength so adjusting the nut that dictates the tension is an iffy prospect: for all I know it's at the easiest setting.
Tags: health, rl_20

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