mjj (flemmings) wrote,

For presence of a nail, the kingdom was saved?

So of course I google all the new meds, as one does, and there's something about statins and water pills so I call the doctor about is it safe to keep on with the latter. And when she calls back I ask like, just how high are the blood sugars, prediabetic or diabetic, and could I manage it with just diet. No, you're definitely diabetic, she says. Weird. So when did this start, like compared with my spring stats? With the test you just had, she says. Your blahblah levels are fine but the fasting blood sugars- 'But I wasn't fasting.' 'What?' 'I never fast for these and they always ask did you have breakfast so I assumed...' 'They said this was a fasting blood test. No wonder your results are so all over the map.'

So we do it all over again and I may hope the results are quite different. But since I woke today unexpectedly limber and registered another pound gone, I might just keep the cheese and alcohol on hold for a while longer.
Tags: health

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