mjj (flemmings) wrote,

But then old age crept on them, with all its many qualms

My doctor calls with my bloodwork results. Both cholesterol and blood sugar are at the 'incipient diabetes and heart attack' stage, so onto medication I go. One will probably give me diarrhea and the other will probably give me muscle aches, so the next two weeks will be unpleasant. This is what comes of six months of near daily gin and tonics, Oreo cookies, Lindt chocolate, and no exercise to speak of, so I shouldn't be surprised. So from now it's none of the above plus no butter, no cheese, no canola oil, no sugar, no white rice, no potatoes... well, you get the idea. 'The blander the better, I'm afraid,' my doctor said, so there we are.

ETA though I can't see why she said no canola oil, which has no cholesterol at all.
Tags: health

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