mjj (flemmings) wrote,

With the best will in the world and a pile of manga new and old, all I can read is Bleach. And not even early Bleach, 4-7, bought to fill in certain gaps in my knowledge (like what's the kanji for Quincy and **why** dear God??? I have the answer to the first of those but not the second) but only later Bleach, vol 19 and following. Err- which will probably mean nothing to those who read translations because I'm not sure if even the French are up to the early 20's yet. Whatever, it's the roller coaster segment, yes-you-know-the-one. Is why I'm still up at 2 am.

He's following his nose, isn't he? I sense nose-following happening. I'm sure he's following his nose. Oh well. Three more tanks and then I'll go read shoujo like a rational human being.
Tags: bleach

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