mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Ballade of lost objects

I had a stack of face cloths the other week. Now I have one or two. They're not in the wash. They're not in the linen closet. They are not.

I had two attachments for the vacuum cleaner. Now I have one. I know I saw the other one on a table at the start of lockdown, but no table anywhere has the second attachment.

I had a needle threader. It was my last needle threader so I put it in a safe place. Who knows what that safe place was? Luckily I found a $2 sewing kit at the conveni today, which has thread I will never use (flimsy) but at least has a threader, and cheap at the price.

I ordered a book from Japan two months ago and paid for air mail. It hasn't arrived yet, and I strongly suspect won't arrive ever.
Tags: rl_20

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