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Since I'm getting nowhere with ancient Greek, onaccounta I have to memorize vocabulary that's given casually in the examples, not even in a table for each lesson that I can refer to, I'm reading French instead. Alas, I'm reading Jean de Florette because that' s what was to hand on the living room table. With a little effort I could have unearthed a Simenon someplace. The idea is just to read and not bother looking up vocabulary, but of course that doesn't last, not amid all these countryside terms. So I hauled out the large Robert's I rescued from the gomi many yeas back and use that. Am amazed we used paper dictionaries for so long. Heavy book, thin paper, ages to find the right entry. Even my unsatisfactory phone browser would work better. (Phone's google app is useless. Molasses.) But no one seems to have ever made a wordtank equivalent for French, one with a comprehensive F-E / E-F dictionary. It's all phrases for travellers. What do they expect students to use these days? Their phones, I suppose.

If I were reading Hamabe no Kafuka in English, it wouldn't have taken me so long to figure out that Major Chord 2 (二長調 ) is D-major, not B, and I could have gone off to youtube and listened to Schubert's sonata in same much earlier. Not that Schubert is my man at all; I have little use for either the unaccompanied piano or the romantics in general. But of course there's a long disquisition about that sonata in Kafuka, which implies it's kind of 平凡 erm uninspired. Which to me it is. But of course everyone else who turned up at Youtube for it was there because of Murakami.

Accomplished today by getting to Korean super and buying enough gyoza to see me to the winter. Bought a new kind as well as the old reliables and hope they're good, because the last new brand I tried wasn't. Chicken doesn't work with potstickers, or not for me. But at least I have some defence now against those urges to order them online, that assail me periodically.

Also washed the stairs after far too long. Had to stop halfway to rest. All the core strengthening doesn't seem to have touched the lower back that simply has to sit down if I've been standing for more than five minutes. I hope that a new knee will alter some of that, as it does for hip replacements, but I'm not betting on it.
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