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Hot today, and allergies acting up in a muted but annoying fashion. Cancelled acupuncture which is the only reason it didn't rain. We have the late August pogo stick temperatures- hot today and tomorrow, cooler Wednesday, hot Thursday, reasonable Friday, very cool on the weekend. And dusk by 8, which is always melancholic. The turning year in what, in happier times, was the peak fannish month. But the cicadas still sing as they did of old, though not the old of Tokyo.

Called the contractor about my gaping wooden steps four weeks ago. He got back within a few days, told me to call him on hs cell, said he'd be by with the carpenter, didn't show. This is summer when all workmen are busy busy before autumn rain and winter snows ground them, so I let it slide. After a few weeks thought I should call him again, but the book in which I'd written his number had vanished from the study table. Never tidy, never never never.

A week ago I bought pens at the stationery store and left them in my backpack. Yesterday I needed them to fill tax forms so got them out and took the requisite paperwork to the dining room table. Then had to get something else. Came back to table, got everything ready, and pens were gone. Nowhere on the table, nor had I put them down on any flat surface between the kitchen and the front room.

This morning in the study I glance at the shelves on my right, see a loose dustjacket that belongs on a downstairs book, take it out, and the address book is underneath it. This afternoon I was getting my wallet out of the backpack and in the wallet compartment were my new pens. Must have hallucinated taking them from the central compartment.

But it occurs to me that having gaps between step and riser gives the snow somewhere to fall into when it melts, instead of pooling on the step and freezing over. So maybe it's a feature, not a bug, and I won't get on the contractor's case after all.
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