mjj (flemmings) wrote,

I continue to not have covid and my super excellent sense of smell continues to plague me. Yet another reason to regret not having family next door is that there's no one I can ask 'What on earth is that smell?' Tonight someone seems to be roasting turmeric on a grill (in the dark) so I hope that's all it is and not something weird in my house. But lord is it strong.

There's also the matter of soap. Usually I use some organic soap company's carbolic because I like the smell, but when you covid-wash hands as many times and for as long as you're supposed to it gets a bit dry. So last spring I broke open a bar of Dove I'd had for ages, which... smelled sickly sweet. When that was done, I tried Aveeno, which was straught up sickly. So today I started a bar of Camay, and I'm hoping exposure to the air will take some of the edge off it. Maybe I should just go with my organic soap co. and use their evening primrose bar insead.

My great accomplishment of the day was to flip the mattress, which really is an accomplishment because I needed not only to turn it round but flip it as well. Properly I should buy a new one: I've been using this one for over ten years and slept on it for periods before that. But I'm not up for shopping yet, and good mattresses are expensive. Also my requirements change without warning: nicely supportive can become too hard overnight, and just as quickly become too soft.
Tags: health, rl_20

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