mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Optionalish things to do each day:

Exercises, second batch. (First batch are necessary to be able to move when I wake up)

Kanji writing.

Japanese reading.

Housework of some description .


Three of these constitutes Accomplishment and I can say diem non perdidi.

Bro came by today and tried to get phone's data onto my laptop. Couldn't. I hate the laptop with the fierceness of a thousand suns. Not only is it useless, everything on it is so bitty that I can't see a thing, and I have no idea how to go about finding anything in Win10. Google may be another evil empire but I'm so tempted to get a Chromebook instead and have done with it.

As for reading...

...finished a Hazel Holt mystery, still terribly domestic, and also Jade City, which I'm glad to have done but. But. I have no desire to wade through two more thick volumes of mafia violence but I want to know what happens to these people and I don't want to go through wikipedian plot summaries. I want to have read the next two volumes. I want to skip the violent bits and read the family interaction bits, only they'll all be about things going from bad to worse as well. Argh.

Think I must reread Going Postal just to cleanse the palate.
Tags: pratchett, reading_20, rl_20, techy

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