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The Hilton believes that guests need four feather pillows. This is the closest any hotel has ever come to my reality, which is that I need at least five and preferably six, one of them a beanbag, but I appreciate the thought. The Hilton evidently doesn't believe that anyone can be allergic to feathers; but I'm not, so fine.

I will note that Americans seem not to like soft drinks in cans. Plastic bottles whenever available. I have a fine palate for my cola, and Pepsi in plastic is an abomination. Just saying.

We all agreed that Ima Ichiko is a subtle intelligent multi-faceted social comedian. More surprisingly, she manages to be all these things while drawing mild boy's love and eerie ghost stories (and possibly cockatiels as well: she has at least three volumes of cockatiel manga.) Her works, if they're aimed at teenagers, are clearly aimed at very intelligent teenagers indeed. And if I can one-up most of fandom because she hasn't been translated into English at all, this weekend I got one-upped in turn because mvrdrk and paleaswater have read her collections of yomikiri in Chinese, which I can't find over here for love or money. Well, money *might* get me them from amazon.jp, so I suppose I should try.

There's an article waiting to be written about her women. Her women are admirable, I think, on the whole: but there's also a number of terrifying 'whim of iron' types who bulldoze through life on sheer demented willpower. They're always smiling and pleasant and irreproachable, of course: they're Japanese: and they always get what they want. Only the most rambunctious of her male characters are any match for them. The rest- her trademark mildly ineffectual-seeming fair-haired types in glasses- either wilt gently or acquire the paralysis of the sane when faced with the prospect that their dear wife or sister or whatever is mad as a hatter.

I've come across this type of woman in English social comedy and never cared for it. Even when written by a woman (cf Lady Catherine de Burgh) I find that the satire eclipses the character's humanity. (We won't mention Mapp and Lucia.) It's either Ima's genius or the visual nature of manga that with her the humanity is still there: one sees the little details, the tension about the eyes, the occasional sweatdrop, that suggest the desperation that contributes to the character's mad determination. That they're mad about things that don't merit the compliment of madness is what keeps the story at the comedic level still.

I note the one fair-haired male in glasses who turns up in 100 Demons, while essentially ineffectual, is also as demented as the wife in A Step Away from Paradise or Ritsu's grandmother; and does rather more damage in his ineffectualness than even Mr. Red Interval who puts his whole back into the effort. From which I conclude that one should keep a close eye on the fair-haired glasses type in Ima Ichiko's works.
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