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Reading Thursday


Karen Lord, Unraveling
-- reminiscent of Henry James ie the author knows what happened, a reader on the author's wavelength knows what happened, and the rest of us are simply confused. More fun than James at least, in that it has straight from Ezekiel angels, what might be a Demiurge, and a couple of archetypes backing up its murder mystery: but typical in that it doesn't announce itself as a murder mystery. You have to figure that out for yourself.

Buncha real mysteries that very much announce themselves as such

Christie, Something Wicked This Way Comes
-- via mooncustafer's recommendation. I didn't read this one when I was bingeing Christie two years ago because it's a Tommy and Tuppence who mostly go in for unlikely espionage, and it's a late Christie when IMO she was losing her edge, sometimes badly. But this one was still pretty sharp, and I enjoyed it.

Holt, My Dear Charlotte
-- in which Holt pastiches/ borrows Jane Austen's letters to background a murder in a small town. I like epistolary novels and I haven't read Austen's letters, so I didn't see the seams showing here. The solution was low-key but so was the solution in the one contemporary mystery of hers that I've read, so maybe that's just her style.

Van Gulik, Poets and Murder
-- Judge Dee therefore readable. Van Gulik's kinks are kinky and it belatedly occurs to me to wonder if the books would read any different without them. But they're indelibly part of his style too.

On the go?

Lee, Jade City
-- going slowly because 'this cannot possibly end well' is a given of the genre. Also because I don't understand why anyone wants to read about gangsters, let alone enjoys reading about gangsters. The violent lives of violent men can never be short enough for my tastes, so why am I reluctant to see the crop in this book come to their foredoomed bad ends? Possibly because the emphasis so far isn't on their violence and hooliganism, and because Lee writes so well in the 'noble triad/ yakuza' mode. The hooligans are all on the other side and one doesn't want to see them win. And the worldbuilding is pretty fascinating, so I keep on with it.

Next up?

Mh. Have a contemporary ebook Holt waiting on the tablet. Other than that, can't think what I feel up to.
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