mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Does one good to get out of the house occasionally. The drugstore, the bank, acupuncture, and the green grocer. Need potatoes to use up the bok choy I so wrongly bought at Loblaws ten days ago. Loblaws veg and fruit are seriously low grade; stick to Fiesta if one must and the Manning Cantonese if one can. Then got a call from one of the few coworkers I actually miss, catching me up on what's happening. It sounds like a horror show there once they reopen: sheets washed every day, all toys disinfected every day, kids in a pod and not to associate with other pods. Basically another two and a half cleaning people needed and of course no extra money for same. So glad I'm out of that.

Parcel was left on my porch Friday. Figured it was my computer pillow arriving from China at last, dragged feet on opening it, did so tonight. Is a... something electronic from ebay, not addressed to me but to a Madisen Lakin at 545, of which the NNDs wot not of. Doesn't seem to have a return address, even, and the name doesn't come up on google. Suppose a dyslexic sender, but oh dear. This is a nuisance.
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