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I'm a suck for sauteed onions but my delicate nose can sense the smell of any onion fragment, cooked or not, for days afterwards. So I had omuraisu for lunch and now have a very clean kitchen afterwards.

The city finally gets its tax relief forms online ('forms will be available in July' no-I-don't-think-so) so I look at what's needed. Tax statement, yes, magnetized to the side of the fridge which is where I put any document I need. Old Age Supplement form from tax return, which will be in the file I sent to the accountant, which... I never got back from the accountant, did I, because everything was done arms' distance. No matter. One call to accountant and another to Beck Cabs and I have my documents. Might DL and print out the forms, at peril of upsetting my computer; might wait to see if City will send them to me as they have in the past. Have till October to apply but the sooner in, the sooner I get the rebate: supposing I still qualify,

Books finished this week:

Gulik, Necklace and Calabash
-- had forgotten most of this one, so a pleasant read

Cho, The Order of the Pure Moon Reflected in Water
-- needs a reread with the tablet handy to look up all the Malay terms. I'm a little dubious at the notion of a wuxia romance happening not merely in the 20th century but actually *after* WW2, but maybe the Malaysian Troubles are backset to an earlier time? Fun and short. As ever with Afrai's stuff, I wish she had the leisure to err well, talk more. But with a legal career and a kid, that may be asking far too much.

On the go:

Well, with a wuxia under my belt, it's a toss-uo between my abridged Water Margin or another crack at Fonda Lee's Jade City, this time ignoring the names. Settled on the latter and am steaming ahead, but no doubt about it, it's a doorstopper. Probably a good sofa reading replacement for Tristram Shandy.

Karen Lord, Unravelling
-- had to start this several times because I could not keep the settei straight. Realize that this is deliberate: like walking one of the book's mazes, one can see only a little way ahead and has no idea of the overall pattern. This in spite of the multiple POVs, doling out information in fragmentary tidbits. I persevere, hoping for clarity at the end, but suspecting it may require another read-through when I'm done.

Next up?
Enh, those two will hold me for a while. But someone on the FFL mentioned a mystery writer called Hazel Holt, so if I need a break I have the first of the series on my tablet.
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