mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Small gratitudes

1. The optometrists got back to me and it looks like I'll have more lenses before I run out in 10 days time.

2. Wore my viscose trousers to acupuncture yesterday, so they dried out fast after I was caught in a monsoon coming home.

3. Cell phone had conniptions about being in backpack during same- wouldn't turn on, wouldn't turn off, prompted me to turn off while I was using it. Stuck it in some rice and now, fingers crossed, it seems to be working again.

4. The kilo I put on on Sunday was gone today. Doubtless thanks to acupuncture debloating, but grateful nonetheless.

5. Ontario Covid numbers have been under 100 cases for two days in a row. Eeyore waits to see how things look in two weeks- went to stage three on Friday- but for now is good.

6. South next door had people visiting the reno site yesterday, and can't think who it might be but the new owner whom I met only once and whose face I cannot of course remember. But if it was her, then she has a husband and small daughter, which is cool.
Tags: rl_20

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