mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Slow long weekend

Finished Tristram Shandy, finally. Doubtless there are those who enjoyed it more than I. They're all over at Goodreads writing their reviews in what they take to be a pastiche of Sterne's style, which works as well as these things usually do ie not at all. Cf Geoffrey Willans, Nigel Molesworth, etc.

Made it to the greengrocer's yesterday and indulged in asparagus (much better than Loblaws' reedy woody offerings), cherries (non-existent there) and a small cabbage (the supermarkets have nothing but gargantuan ones, presumably to feed a horde of Hungarians.) Using cabbage is a dicey proposition for me, but I steamed a quarter of it with some carrots and slathered it with leftover peanut sauce from the pad thai I ordered on Friday. Next step is to make my own sauce, but experience suggests one can't do it with the soy-substitute pb I use. So must by thereal thing, and then try not to eat it.

Veg indulgene is with a view to losing another pound if I can. The hot weather bloat is most dispiriting when I step on the scales every morning. The other trick I've read baout is to take your weight, halve it, and drink that many ounces of water each day. In my case that's pushing eight large glasses. Tried it yesterday with little results, because yesterday was hot, and gadding about, even on the bike, had me sodden with sweat. Like bicycling in Spain in the hottest summer in 80 years: I drank litres of water and it transpired at once, bypassing my kidneys completely.

Someone on tumblr has been live blogging Utena and reached the last episode today. What a wild ride. Utena ran from April to December of 1997. Finder Jean taped it for me, but the last ep was shown on Christmas Eve, she was out celebrating that day, and forgot to set her timer to record. It was months before the local Japanese store got it in, and as you may recall, the next to last episode ends hanging off the most precipitous of cliffs. Could barely stand to watch it once I got my hands on it, but Ikuhara, bless him, didn't blink once, though chasms of romantic tropes opened up all around him and begged him to fall into them.
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