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1. My gummy vitamin D is nowhere to be found. Mind, I don't recall actually seeing my gummy vitamin D, just noting it in a corner of the plastic bag. I ripped all the bags open because someone had knotted them too tight for me to undo, and then put them in the garbage as being useless for any other purpose, and so I suppose I may have thrown out the vitamins with them, because gummy vitamin D has no tell-tale rattle.

2. For the last month I've had an extra space in my reading tag. So I put the correct tag on those entries and deleted the spaced tag. I thought. Can't see spaces on this tablet (is how the error happened in the first place) so I deleted the tag for the whole year. Have just gone through every entry and put them all back again where applicable.

3. Recycle pickup today, so I went through boxes and threw out a bunch of manga I will never read/ reread. Tied them up prettily in blocks of six so they'd be a more manageable load for the garbage guys, who probably don't care being the muscled seinen that they are. Put them in a clear plastic garbage bag as instructed, put bag on top of my green bin to discourage dog walkers from dropping their poo bags in it, went to bed. Pickup was late today so even with an 11 o'clock waking, the bins were still waiting when I came downstairs. Book bag was gone, and I can't think who'd have taken it. This has happened before, FWIW. But anyway, someone has a whole bunch of indifferent BL to read now. At least they didn't do what people have done with bags of English books: poked holes to get at the books they wanted and left the bag in tatters, with the rest of its contents falling out.

4. Next door has almost finished its renovations so He-NND invited me for a tour. Floors refinished and glossed, wallpaper gone, new carpeting upstairs, neutral colours everywhere. Makes the place look much bigger, of course. Much as I liked the old rose colour scheme my brother had, I'm not sure I could have lived in it myself: nor the bitsy coloured tile in the bathroom or the yellow back room. But anyway: 545 is no more. Good-bye, 545.
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