mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Another frustration dream, of trying to find my cell phone or tablet so I could call my acupuncturist but my bedroom was littered with my sibs' technology- cameras, game controllers, different phones (not that anyone in my family has ever owned a game)- all of which were phone or tablet shaped but with buttons in the wrong place, and my mother and father were being no help either.

Did in fact call my acupuncturist in RL, to cancel today's appointment, because there was a severe thunderstorm watch happening and the heat had given me a case of summer stomach. Supposed to be a bit cooler in the days to come.

I never read Elizabeth Goudge as a kid, which is odd, but probably a good thing. I suspect I would have hated The Little White Horse as much as I hated Beverley Nichols whom I did read: the good do good and the bad so bad and the bad also, funnily enough, dark haired and -skinned. Pfui.
Tags: dreams, reading_20, rl_20

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