mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Still 'to think that two and two make four'

Given that next door moved out in early February, it's odd that they should start getting mail again. But they do- bumpfy bank and credit card stuff by the look of it- which the NNDs kindly put in my mailbox. Called the bro today to apprise him of the fact, discovered they were actually in the city while my s-i-l winds up her last no really her last no *really* her last legal case, and so they said they'd come by. Then called back to ask would I like to go out to dinner with them? And oh yes I would but but but after steadily declining over the last month, Ontario numbers have surged this week when most of the province went to stage 3. (Not Toronto because we're still unacceptably high and the 'patios only' ukase has been interpreted by the wakamono to mean 'eight people all at one table', as seen by me last week on the drag by the hospital, thus: not easing any time soon.) Also I had a liquor store delivery coming between 5 and 9. So I had to decline, and only got a short visit in before they had to hurry off to the only reservation they could get, at 5:15.

But as it seems they'd also invited an old friend of L's, whom even she says is a miserable curmudgeon, I can't repine. There wouldn't have been much conversation to be had because he's also a self-centered curmudgeon, as so many hommes d'un certain age are, and convincd that other people only exist as audiences.

But it was nice, since I haven't talked to anyone in almost a week except to exchange greetings with George the Painter next door as I put out the garbage last night, which he kindly put back for me this morning. Still wish they were next door, but I know if they were, between my bro's cocktails and L's cooking, I'd have put on weight over quarantine, not dropped it.

Searching my bookshelves for those stray Judge Dees, I opened up Kafka on the Shore just to check the translation of those army reports. And saw in passing that Kafka's sections are all in present tense. That simply didn't register with me in Japanese. Can't decide if it's because Japanese really is looser with its tenses (I swear I've read present tense narration before) or if I'm just impervious to these things.
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