mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Ma says: 'I feel down in the mouth like'

Monsoon rain. Vacuumed a bit, swiftered kitchen floor, back hurts whenever I do any kind of housework, added new core strengtheners to exercises, doubt they'll have any effect. Finished another Gamache mystery, read half a chapter of Hamabe no Kafuka, started the last of my Judge Dees (Murder in Canton), soldier on through Tristrsm Shandy and The Little White Horse. Illustrations to TLWH are nice but automatic spoilers.

Am having one of my fortunately rare attacks of COVID blues. Want my family next door again. Change is vexatious to the spirit. If the mug would blow away I'd probably feel better. As it is, I'm being reminded what it was like to have hormones. Can't say I've missed it.
Tags: reading_20, rl_20
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