mjj (flemmings) wrote,

The days grow not noticeably shorter

Every year I say I'll make a note how light it is at the solstice and every year I sort of... forget? Yes, it's light after 9, but here a month later it's still light after 9. Definitely heading to dusk, but light enough to see by. So how much lighter was it at 9:15 three weeks ago? How far was the sun above the horizon, when did dusk start, yadda yadda. Maybe It was easier it note these things when one could be outside at that hour. (Rrmember back in 2004 writing in a coffee shop and going out at well before sunset to do a shop, but the super had already closed because it was past nine, daylight notwithstanding.)

Dreamed of my high school best friend in what was very clearly to my mind the 70s, at a sort of restaurant or cake shop. The plot is gone but the ambience remains. Social, with all these people I knew hanging about. I don't know if I really did have a lot of friends in those days, because that isn't how I remember it, but my diaries have me out and abouting a huge amount with various people. So maybe I did once have that circle of friends and acquaintances. I wonder who they were? (One was certainly my best friend's sister, others may have been former roommates from Madison, the Hungarian I think was from Classics or History.)
Tags: dreams, rl

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