mjj (flemmings) wrote,

So because I'm a hypochondriac I have to keep googling 'loss of smell' and 'covid' and find that the median loss period in patients was eight days so yeah some could have had it for only two oh dear oh dear let's go get ourselves tested pronto. Call cab and whoosh down to Toronto Western and discover the walk-in testing clinic is at 90 minutes wait. Grab cab back: and if I cab it again ever I'm confining me to Beck because they drive masked with the windows open and other firms don't. So take shower, wash hair, exercise abundance of caution. Google some more and find smell-less patients didn't test positive for several weeks after symptom onset. So no point in getting test now and not if it means lining up outdoors in the 32C sun, and when I do I'll bike down.

There's assuming you're an asymptomatic patient and acting accordingly, which I've done since March, and there's having reason to believe you're a mostly asymptomatic patient and worrying whether you (masked) have infected your (masked) acupuncturist or maybe she was wearing gloves all the time? Argh.
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