mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Trouble waiting to hapoen

Woke up at 7 and got up at 7 because OMG I can't smell a thing, gotta get down to the hospital for a test, only the testing clinic doesn't open till noon. So OK, mask up and go to Oldsters' Hour at the super and get all the stuff I forgot to get yesterday, plus this and that because I was wondering how to quarantine all last night. Come back to the workman arriving to build my new steps. Heigh-ho. And my sense of smell comes roaring back as soon as he starts, so whatever else my nose does in future Imma not believe it cause sensory loss doesn't work that way.

(Does not help to be reading Tristram Shandy just now, and if you don't know why, lucky you who has never read Tristram Shandy.)

So now I have new wooden steps built over the concrete foundation of my old steps, which is just fine since that saved him however many hours of painstaking removal and me the uncertainty of 'just what are these things anchored to anyway.' Second top step is not as wide as the one it replaced but I shall get used to that in time. Grumpy the mailman must now climb steps and deposit mail in the porch box out of the rain, and about time too.

Speaking of mail, Grumpy hands it to workman who hands it to me through the door opening, observing social distance for the only time this afternoon. Gov't has lowered my Trillium Grant by +/- $8 a month, so sad, but Hydro bill has, good god, a credit, because I'd anticipated a bill in the hundreds after the low rate was abolished. So even with AC extravagence in late June and early July, I'm ahead of the game.

Tomorrow in theory the tree trimmers come, and that will hopefully be the end of major expenses for the nonce. But oh dear, I wish I had hand-holding next doors still next door to hold my hand after all this to and froing.
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