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Email from the college of ECEs sniffing for dues money, now that some daycares will be opening. I am not in the giving mood so I sent them my resignation, or rather their resignation form, which for a wonder I could fill out and send from my tablet. (Doing it from the desktop requires a magic formula that I keep forgetting.) So that's that.

Still compulsively sniffing things to be certain I can smell them. Filled and achy sinuses should tell me why I only register them close to, but I have nothing to distract me from my paranoia.

Finished Kingom of Souls and an Inspector Gamache mystery last week, both of which left me with a reading hangover, again because I have nothing to distract me from my own thoughts. Gamache is fine for the Quebec setting and not fine for the constant plotting of hysteric underlings to bring him down. I'm sure the PQ police are a cesspit of corruption but this isn't gritty police procedural by a long shot- the series takes place in an idyllic small village- and RL details would be better omitted.

Kingdom of Souls is a feel-bad cliff-hanging bit of a hot mess. I never read grimdark so maybe this is what grimdark is like. Certainly it's both grim and dark, which is why I won't be looking at the sequel, but its settei is also complicated to the point that I couldn't keep various personages straight, which was frustrating. Anyway. Back to Karen Lord, I think.
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