mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Maybe it was just a Good Knee day or maybe acupuncture does work that fast, but I woke up fairly limber this morning. Limber didn't last through the day's erranding- back seized up first- but the thought is cheering. Erranding was getting a hold from the library that I was supposed to get yesterday, but from the moment of booking I had it firmly in my head that it was Tuesday. Also pumping the rear tire, that almost killed me. I think it's partly the wonky placing of the valve on that wheel but a lot is my aged feeble arms.

Acupuncture was in a large airy corner room with all windows open on a cool breezy afternoon, and very pleasant. Noisy, yes: Bloor St is Bloor St still. Several of the restaurants on the main drag are open for patio service including one of my old haunts, Pauper's Pub, that has the only homelike hamburgers in my neck of the woods. Briefly debated eating there but decided no. Deterred not merely by thought of putting the current weight loss in jeopardy, but also by the probable effect of That Much Meat all at once. Though the latter would probably cancel out the former, it's not a healthy way of doing it.

Slight panic stations: last night and this morning 90% of my smell and taste cut out. Can't smell the Listerine! Can't smell the carbolic soap!! Can't even smell that menthol shaving cream!!! Can't- oh OK, can smell the Glysomed hand cream. Weird. Seems to be back now, but I need to stop randomly sniffing things. Seriously, if you can detect the old paperback book smell of Pater's The Renaissance, you don't have COVID. Alzheimer's maybe- blanked completely on the word arthritis today- but not the Virus.
Tags: health, rl_20

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