mjj (flemmings) wrote,

It is quiet in the screens, there is still no one to talk to

Tomorrow is a holiday, even in these unusual times, so I had to go get my prescription from Loblaws today. If I hadn't been crippled I'd have checked to see if there were frosted 40 watt bulbs in something less glarey than the 'daylight' ones I got last time. There are no incandescents to be had these days but maybe they make soft light halogens? Otherwise I have no quarrel with halogens or LEDs, which god knows are cooler in the summer, but the light is so ugly.

This week is looking to be a mad whirl of sociability, in that the electricians come Thursday, Friday I have an appointment to get the new Zen Cho from Bakka, and Saturday I have an appointment to get my library book. Life under lockdown: even if the province is in stage two opening, there's still no one to talk to.

Forecast is for 30C weather right through the middle of July. Hurray for window AC and summer duvets, and the pleasant float in pleasant coolness every morning. The rest of the day is a loss, but at least there's the float. (Hadn't realized just how heavy the feather duvet is, and how it hurts my knee to kick it around as I roll to my other side during the night. Also its damnable tendency to fold up so that after I'm on my other side it somehow becomes triangular, and I flail in vain with my owie elbows looking for the fourth corner.
Tags: afrai, rl, rl_20

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