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I swear to god, I've gotten ready to go to Japan for a month with less fuss and carry-on than for this weekend in New York. But the last time I went to Japan (yes, post 2001) I wasn't going to be asked to take my shoes off. Now I *will* be asked which leads to all sorts of logistical round-abouting: 'Well berks are easiest but that means putting both my wedding shoes and my walking shoes in the suitcase where there may not be room, so I could wear the orthopedics which are a pain to undo and lace-up but the real pain is getting my feet into them without a shoehorn but are shoehorns allowed in carry-on baggage? (googling reveals nothing) cause if they aren't and I lose my only remaining shoehorn I'm screwed etc etc'

...to say nothing of having to pack the stuff I normally carry on, so if the airline loses my bags I'm not totally screwed and I can take my lenses out at least. Now I can carry on my lens case with solution if it's in a one quart zip-lock bag to be handed to and x-rayed by security. I'm not sure if breathable asthmatic meds qualify as aerosol or not, but I'm more afraid of security not knowing either. So it's either find a-- one quart? ziplock bag, which you know don't come easy in this metric country of mine; or shove it in the suitcase and pray it doesn't get lost.

No, really, there's a reason I don't want to fly down to New York, really and truly there is.
Tags: china, rl_06
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