mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Rather a pleasant day. Woke with uncomplaining knees again, which reminds me why I used to skimp on exercise a year ago. Considered biking to the dentist but remembered how many streets were torn up yesterday and cabbed it instead. Beck cabs have masked drivers and plastic shields between front seat and back, and I am extremely chuffed that my legs still bend enough to get in and out easily, which they didn't a year ago. So I haven't lost that particular gain, whatever else may have atrophied. Dentist and ass't were gowned, gloved, masked and face- shielded, which is no surprise because her Japanese-Canadian father used to mask up 45 years ago, long before it became standard dentist's practice. And if the conversation was no more two-sided than it ever is at the dentist's (*why* do they do that, one wonders) it was still more conversation than I've had in months, and I am the better for it.

Visa bill came, and I know I must stop ordering in given the hefty expenses upcoming (tree and stairs and thd city adding $150 on to monthly property tax installments to recoup this spring's cancellations) but as a final farewell I had Vietnamese delivered to me. I do so miss Vietnamese coffee froom the long- defunct Ginger restaurant, but I could do my own workaround with tinned Japanese coffee from the Markham conveni and condensed milk from same.

Then finished The Chinese Bell Mystery, started Tristram Shandy, thought about starting Russell Hoban's Pilgermann (bought in the 80s, never read), did read the first chapter and decided not. Castration and pogroms are not what I want right now, or possibly ever.
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