mjj (flemmings) wrote,

And the walls of bonny Portmore are all down to the ground

Plum tree is no more.

WWWF- clone took it out with a few well-placed cuts of the chainsaw. Since it proved to be rotten through the trunk from gound level to two feet up, I can't repine. Dodged a bullet there somewhere down the line. Only now of course I must worry about the state of the cherry.

Today was a Good Knee Day, meaning I could return library books and get to the pharmacy without undue pain, and was then reminded that even Good Knee Days will go bad if I walk too much. And I had to walk because road crews have torn up Bathurst and my neighbourhood streets , necessitating many detours on the sidewalk.

Ordered, I thought, a bunch of stylus pens, but no. I ordered a bunch of styluses with spare nibs. So I will never run out of styluses in my lifetime, but am sadly short on good pens. Some day Midoco will reopen but until then it's not quite satisfactory Bic ball points.

Finished Return of the King *and* the appendices, which is a first for the latter. Thought I'd treat myself to a reread if Judge Dee but it turns out I pretty much have those by heart now. Should I go for Proust? No, I think not. Maybe Tristram Shandy.
Tags: health, reading_20, rl_20

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