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So my dentist is open for business again and I now have the appointment that didn't happen last March. The only problem being how to get there. It's an easy bike ride under normal circs but I'm now a bit antsy about bike riding.

Not the riding itself so much as the getting on and off and the starting again after stopping. Weakened leg means I can't push as hard as needed so I often wobble when first starting off, and doing that on streets where there's traffic beside me is not ideal. And I'd have to park on the side of the street that has few bike stands because I can no longer walk fast enough to cross the street alone, without a bike to lean on or a helping arm: which latter isn't going to happen in a pandemic. So I'll probably have to cab it, and bring my rollator, because dropping me off in front of the building will require block long detours by the driver. So I'll have to cross a street and I no longer walk fast enough etc etc. This is such a bloody nuisance I can't tell you. *Why* aren't my strengthening exercises strengthening me?

Also one acupuncturist is open again, but out west too far to bike even without balky knees and equally, rather too far for a cab. Ten minutes in the subway, but again- I'd need to bus to my subway stop that has no elevators/ escalators, and I'd need the rollator to walk, and I'd have to carry it down two flights of stairs to the trains. That isn't going to happen either. I console myself with the thought that my firm belief that acupuncture is what kept me mobile before March is in fact mistaken, because it didn't actually keep me that mobile.

So I shall just have to keep on gamaning until the hospitals start doing electives agaon.
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