mjj (flemmings) wrote,

A watched workman never arrives

NNDs texted me last week, tree cutters to arrive Monday morning between 8 and 11, and not a moment too soon, because ground is littered with hard little unripe plums like inflated green olives. You may guess who hasn't shown up yet.

Having heard nothing from *my* tree trimmers I emailed them again asking Did you get last week's email and Any idea when you'll be coming, and get the answer 'Oh sorry thought I'd replied but it was sitting in my drafts folder all along yeah we'll be there July 17' ie almost four weeks from now. Did hope they'd come before the cherries ripened but not happening because the cherries are ripe and falling now. Still a few bugs in this 'work from home' gig, evidently.

Or even not work from home, like south neighbour's renovations. 'I'm hoping end of March', she said at beginning of February. 'Should be end of May,' workman said in middle of April. Is creeping towards end of June and they're still replacing drywall. Begin to think that even if I won a lottery I wouldn't renovate this place, I'd just move to a new house.
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