mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Nothing sort of day

Yet another Eroica fanfic dream last night. This time it was Dorian and a pair of maybe-vampires (but maybe not.) And definitely a fanfic, with punctuation and quotation marks.

City has withdrawn property tax for this month but the same sum as always, without the +300 they promised. This is annoying, since I don't know when they're going to start making up the three monthly installments that they skipped.

Tree company apparently sent me a quote (for trimming the cherry) on the 5th that I never got or, possibly, didn't notice in my spam report. They re-sent the quote today which I got at once. Have said Go ahead, and am now waiting for them to answer. I have a feeling something's up at their end.

Finished The Gurkha and the Lord of Tuesday, which was fine as far as it went, and am now reading Alif the Unseen, which is much meatier. Weather grows hot and I lose ambition. Also knee is back to being obstreperous.
Tags: dreams, fandom, reading_20, rl_20

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