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Went by the LCBO yesterday afternoon to find the line going down the block and around the corner, which scotched that plan. So went online looking at alcohol delivery Toronto and found a place that does just that. Was doing this on my balky and outdated phone, so somehow I wound up specifying cash payment, and then had to run to the ATM to get same. Returned to a voicemail from the outfit wanting to specify something about the order. And I *knew* that the woman was Japanese- knew it, knew it, knew it- and it was so natsukashii and I so wanted to talk Japanese with her. But I couldn't , for many varied reasons, so we clarified it all in English. Delivery came within the hour and the delivery guy had the classic Japanese physique and I couldn't speak Japanese with him either, but at least my body language was Japanese and that had to do.

But beause I'd only searched the website on Bombay and gin, I wound up getting two bottles of Bombay East, not Sapphire, and I've never had East. I hope I like it. But it's win-win, because if I don't I won't want to drink it, thus saving me many calories, now that my weight consents to dip again.

Quite apart from unburdening the knees and preparing for surgery, the reason why I want another five pounds off is this. I keep buying loose lightweight summer trousers, and they keep being either not thin enough material or not wide enough in the waist. (Also too long to bike in without catching the chain or even the pedal. Were the world as it was, I'd take four of them in to be cropped to calf length.) So I have effectively only one pair of hot weather trousers and Summer Is Coming (even if we're currently recording this-decade record lows.) Five pounds more and I'll have three.

To which end:

Not to be TMI, but the usual state of IBS sufferers swings between two extremes. For three months, thanks to a lack of work stress and coffee, I've been in the tidier of the two. Which is nice, but I'd like to be a little closer to normal, only nothing seems to work: not gallons of water or extra green leafies or mandarin oranges. Bought a bag of cherries yesterday, because cherry juice is anti-inflammatory, and, well, a handful of cherries seems to be what's required. So there's hope.
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